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so i have now discovered (thanks to lj austincommunity) that elijah wood will be djing this weekend at some bar place downtown.  also that his brother works at midway games.  so i have told dallas he must either get his internship there or get a job there when he graduates so that i can be closer to meeting elijah at some point in my life.  what sucks is i can't go see him this weekend cause i already committed to going to devine with jenni and joe.  i don't know why but i have loved him for so long since he was little.  i have seen all of his movies and he is just so hot.  i know i like girls but seriously he's hot.  i know he's frodo (like tiki always says) but i like dorks aight.  anyways.  i have been so happy about this all day.  i actually cried.  jenni thinks i'm fucking nuts.  but since i know now his bro lives here that means he's here a lot and at some point in time i'll run into him.  i wonder if he would come to ACL.  wouldn't that be the greatest... i see bjork and elijah wood on the same fucking day.  man that would be fucking heaven there, boy.  okay i'm done being a crazy stalker nerd, peace
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